Quest for immortality

Out of the dark side came forth light

Theology Study

Theology is a study, or simply put, a knowledge about God.

How we view Him, understand and relate to God can be doctrinal or dogmatic, official, sacramental or personal, therefore intimate. The latter is perhaps not accepted or understood.

No one trumpets his or her intimacy within a legal wedlock.There comes a time when one actually marries God. And when that happens this blog will not move anywhere; and all posts will remain only as sign posts showing you the way. But the attainment you must reach yourself.

Jesus said that those who are born of the Spirit come and go and are like wind. No one knows where they come from or where the go. Secret. (John 3)

Eventually one outgrows any spiritual baby dipers and overcomes obstacles that life might throw at us or rather the flesh.

1 Stage

1 Letter of John begins with the acknowledgment of sin, confession and then the blood of Jesus washes us.

2 Stage

This stage is found in 1 John 3 where John says that he who is born of God sins no more and is even unable to sin. What happened? Theology lost its footing for one has transitioned from an organized religion into an intimate relationship with God. Like Enoch who walked with God and God took him and Enoch was no more. (Genesis 5)

Enoch walked and walked until he reached that place of which I speak now and long for to attain myself.

Miracles signs and wonders are also not subject to anyone’s scrutiny as to pass judgment whether they might be real or not, or if they have really happened or not. These experiences are personal.

Is anyone ready for hands-off intimacy with God?

Nonetheless knowing theology does hurt none. (Nice blog)


2 thoughts on “Theology Study

  1. Theology is a bunch of ramblings about God and the Bible. Yes, ramblings; and they clutter our space, blurring the clear sight of truth, which is always simple and naturally very much straight-to-the-point. Subjective interpretations, over time, have created – what we call today – theology – knowledge about God; but is it really the true knowledge or again, man’s ramblings?

  2. One more example: if one replaces the natural people of Israel (Jews) with self, one has an emotional problem, for why would one want to do that anyway? The same sentiment does not exist between Russians vs Americans, that would be silly. So why so many try to “steal the baby from the bathwater and the tub?” The bathtub and the water represents Jewish culture and its development over many years. They fall, but then get up. They are exiled, but then they return, for God’s glorious name’s sake.

    The Gentiles have not written the Bible; and much less preserved it; even with their own blood.

    When Judeans, who were by then called Jews, returned to Jerusalem, not only the temple was then restored, but all that went with it; which included scriptoriums where the almost-lost books of the Bible were being copied. This happened because of the sovereign act of God confirming Jeremiah’s prophecy. God appointed the Persian king Cyrus to make it happen. From that period we have the Book of Chronicles.

    Now, take the Bible and twist it as you wish (with Paul’s letters to the gentiles like the Corinthians or Romans), or acknowledge the truth and humbly thank God for the self-critical honest and truth-writing people.

    As I read and hear what some (so-called) Christians are trying to do I cringe in shame on their account. How can anyone be so conceited? ‘Me, me , me, and more of the I, me and mine…’ As if the Bible was just dropped on them from the sky, with no people and no sacrifices. It can be compared to a waiter that brings you fancy food on a golden platter; you take the food and the platter, but then kick the waiter and push him away as the one who supposedly failed. Yet, you eat his food.

    Conceit is a disease – Bob Dylan.
    Read the Lyrics.

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