Quest for immortality

Out of the dark side came forth light

Immortality Quest

The apostle Paul said, For what the Law could not do, weak as it was through the flesh, God did: sending His own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh and as an offering for sin, He condemned sin in the flesh, so that the requirement of the Law might be fulfilled in us, who do not walk according to the flesh but according to the Spirit. For those who are according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who are according to the Spirit, the things of the Spirit. For the mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace, because the mind set on the flesh is hostile toward God; for it does not subject itself to the law of God, for it is not even able to do so, 8and those who are in the flesh cannot please God (Romans 8:3-8)

Simply put, the law was given only to the fleshly man, not the spiritual one. In that sense all rituals are for just the outward man.

Paul also explains mortality. I think that it cannot be any clearer. If you cater just to the flesh you will drive it to the grave. You cater to the Spirit… who knows, perhaps like Enoch God will take you? Enoch walked according to the Spirit, he walked with God the Spirit, or spiritually, (not ritually) and God took him.

This word, as eternal seed planted within your spirit, can grow to be a large tree. Could it be, that the Father never meant for us to suffer physical death? We have accepted it because someone told us that believing the notion that Adam and Eve messed up beyond repair.

Every time life is mentioned the Bible uses also the word ‘eternal’, which we have interpreted as the life after death. But eternal Life means exactly that, perpetual or continues. Even better said, a life that is of a different caliber, yet unknown to some. There is an eternal fire, which annihilates, and there is a tormenting fire, which keeps on tormenting, and then there is the earthly fire, which burns up the burnable leaving physical ashes. There are gasses, which burn clean, leaving almost no residue. Now, imagine the type of life in any flesh-and-blood-type-of being. Imagine a long healthy life, like the one of Adam, Methuselah or Abraham, but also the life of Enoch or Elijah. Now, from these three, choose one. The moment you do that a set of laws and elements necessary to fulfill that vision are automatically released to you. The lines become straight and plain. The thoughts become uncomplicated and upon those straight lines the light of eternal revelation rides. As much as you open up your mind, by sacrificing the fleshly man, so much you will receive.

Yet Jesus plainly said; truly, truly, I say to you, if anyone keeps My word he will never see death (John 8:51). Could He say it any plainer?

Is it possible that we do not hear His words correctly? The Pharisees heard him correctly, much better than we do today, for they replied: “Now we know that you have a demon. Abraham died, and the prophets also; and You say, ‘If anyone keeps my word, he will never taste of death.’

Jesus must have said it in such a way that they knew what He was speaking about, of course the physical death, not just the one beyond grave.

Also Nicodemus heard Jesus correctly, but did not understand it.

Nicodemus said to Him, “How can these things be?” Jesus answered and said to him, “Are you the teacher of Israel and do not understand these things? (John 3:9-10)

Conclusively, something blocks our clear vision of God and what He has in store for us. Fleshly attachments and religious orientation steals from us the potency of immortal truth.

God’s ten hints

God hints of being the only one, and that we should only love Him, and the moment we attach ourselves to anything unlike Him; we betray Him. He is Spirit He has no image, He is not gold and silver. He is way-beyond anything we can imagine; and any earthly value can’t ever match Him. Then He goes on to say that we should also love one another, by respecting each other and individual freedoms. To abstain from any form of harm—we might be tempted to commit in the name of pride or self-importance against neighbors, or ourselves—is what He admonishes us to do.

Do not steal – remember that you do not want to be robbed yourself, so do not do any harm.

Do not commit adultery – remember how it feels when someone else desires your wife or husband; do not go there yourself; it hurts.

Do not bear false witness against you neighbor – imagine how it might feel when someone bluntly lies about you in the court if law.

Honor your parents, you will be a parent one day and you will need it so what you sow now, you will reap later.

In the same way God says, honor Me and My covenant with you; we are married and every seventh day we celebrate our anniversary; so keep the Sabbath Day holy, why? Because I like it and I like to celebrate it with you and if you love Me you will do that for me, won’t you?  Etc. These are His hints.

God looks on those two stone-tablets and sees far beyond the hardened sediments of time. He had given us just a peak into His heart expecting the same in return.

It has taken us 2000 years before we could declare that God is love. Apostle John said it when he saw God’s beloved firstborn. He had not only opened up to us the meaning behind the heavily ritualized Ten Commandments, but above all the Father’s heart.


Check your attachments. Where your treasure is there your heart will be also. (Matthew 6:21)

Everything else in God has something to do with a sacrifice. From Genesis to Revelations the prevalent motive of the Bible is sacrifice; a simple exchange. One is given up for the sake of another.

When I watch cultures, peoples and nations, I see their powerful attachments to earth.

In a few horrifying seconds an earthquake, tsunami or cyclone can wipe out everything man has slaved for all his life. From a purely human point of view, we ask, “Where was God in all of this? What about orphans and widows, the injured and the destitute?” Then we turn the Bible pages, (that is if you have one, and are ‘lucky’ enough to be born under the Judeo-Christian tradition); we come upon this verse;

All flesh is grass, and all its loveliness is like the flower of the field. The grass withers, the flower fades, when the breath of the LORD blows upon it; surely the people are grass. The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever. (Isaiah 40: 6-8)

One can melancholically accept explanations about the fall of Adam and support it with many verses. Firming a belief of the inevitable, which is slow decay and death. Or one can just study the eternal God and seek to please Him, love Him, blend with Him and walk with Him.

If we value the fleshly things so high then they become as a god to us. In hard times we will suffer a loss, having no hope, no faith left, for the earthly attachments stole from us the most important thing, the overcoming, prevailing force of knowledge.

The moment we take eyes off the flesh and meditate upon the reality of our God, gradually, our perceptions begin to change. When we begin to study Him, the Silhouette-less Spirit, and then come to His side of the picture, He then awakens in us desires from the great beyond. Our own, flesh-attached desires give way to His wants, desires; simply put, His reality. But then comes the question, do I want to give up my ‘own’ territory (illusion) in order to have His reality (the Truth)?

The Sovereign God

Most people do not grasp God’s complete sovereignty. The earthly idea of sovereignty is that of an earthly ruler who rules over just a portion of land. God is sovereign over the entire Universe and all the billions of galaxies, and one of them happens to be our planet. When someone cries with excitement, “God is great, He really is great… He knows everything…” etc, that someone has not gotten any revelation of Him yet. With such expressions one only demonstrates the bondage of flesh. As if from time to time the flesh gives one a permission to see something beyond itself. Actually one expresses a need for liberation.

When the Holy Spirit comes, bringing that wonderful liberty, he or she does not know how to handle this liberty because the earthly attachments have accumulated too much meaning for them, and they see spiritual things through the eyes of the flesh.

God is sovereign over all. In order to experience Him and His sovereign reality one must cross over from flesh to spirit. When you walk in the Spirit you are spiritual, you do not sin, do not transgress or harm anyone; including yourself. If you walk in the flesh you fulfill only flesh’s desires and it will push you to do things your spirit-man does not want to do, but by then flesh is then the master and your spirit-man the slave. (And I do not speak here about sex, food, drink, bills or anything related to physical living. I speak of priorities and attachments to those priorities, which hold different values for each).

Only flesh can do harm. Only flesh can have self-identity. The spirit-man is one with the Sovereign One, and identifies with Him only. In that relationship there is not sin or pain nor death.

You may ask, where was God when the tsunami struck Indonesia, cyclones in India, floods in China? Etc. Here is the answer you’ve been waiting for: The tares, the filed and the seed. If you love God, and love His word, then as long as you live on this planet you will never depart from these three categories of people.

Jesus said, by their fruits you will recognize them (Matthew 7:20).

The good man brings out of his good treasure what is good; and the evil man brings out of his evil treasure what is evil (Matthew 12:35).

God deals with people according to these fruits, or manifestations. God is not fair. We are all like grass, but one grass perishes in a cyclone while another—in another part of the earth—still has grace.

God is righteous, vertically down. Horizontally, we look for fairness, but vertically we must look for the ultimate righteousness. Fairness is self-righteousness, but God’s righteousness looks beyond self. Because we do not understand everything, it does not mean that we have to shut down and prevent light from illuminating the darkened chambers of our mind. Yes, in your humanism, God will let you have your own way. You can blame Him for earth’s disasters and for any cataclysm you hear from the news.

Mysteriously, the seed is miraculously spared while others perish. I have no right to label those others as tares or as the field. All I am saying is that I know His laws, beyond a shadow of doubt. By knowing more, from His side, one does not need to work on faith, which often can be as a blind mental conviction. It is the knowledge of truth, which can liberate anyone from preconceived earthly ideas—often found in man’s religion and outdated dogmas—and causes one to walk in His ways.

I am not occupied with just the surface. To me, good people are not necessarily those who just smile, but those I hear talking and acting according to their talk. From their treasure houses they bring out the good or the bad, good deeds or bad or they are like the filed – indifferent.

The acceptable sacrifices

Apostle Paul had nullified his life for us, for what he went through was astounding. The rest of the apostles were not really willing to do what he did. They were still too much into themselves, but when they saw what this Benjaminate had accomplished, they were filled with jealousy and tried to fill Paul’s shoes; but for some reason they could not. The reasons were obvious; they were still stuck in ritual religion. Paul had actually achieved self-nullification and took great pleasure in being the living sacrifice he so fondly spoke of:

Therefore I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship. (Romans 12:1)

Paul did not burden the Greek converts with Jewish rituals, which the rest of the apostles had kept. He left it all up to God, saying:

For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus. (Philippians 1:6)

Apostle Paul saw the grace of God in operation. That grace saved the gentiles. So, He who started this process would also complete it, without any additions of man’s traditions; wouldn’t He?

Eventually, even Peter, after seeing the wondrous grace in operation, gave up his Judaism. After the Joppa-Caesarea experience he briefly joined Paul in Antioch; which was exactly what the Master commanded. Initially, the Gospel was supposed to be preached in Jerusalem, where on the day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit fell, then in Judea, Samaria, then in the whole world. Grace, grace, and again grace… God loves to be gracious and He desires for us to walk in His grace.

To recognize this free and lofty state of being, and then preserving it, at all cost, is not an easy task. Man will always try to bind and to control, even God Himself, by shoving Him into some theological drawer.

The Jews are often ‘accused’ of choosing YHVH out of many gods as their only God. If that were really so, then the leading cast of the Jews would not have sanctioned such wrings as those of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, or Amos and included in the Bible. Who in the right mind would criticize own self or the entire nation? Who in the right mind would keep on faithfully copying the Bible books and preserve them for the subsequent generations if they were just fairytales about their ‘chosen god’?  On the other hand take Koran or the Book of Mormons. There is nothing self-critical in those books. And if there is not self-criticism then those books are not true.

Are Jews suicidal, or they were forced from above to write the absolute truth? For already in the five books of Moses God spoke through His servant that Israel will depart, will be dispersed and re-gathered again in the last days. If Jews wanted to sell their religion to the world then they would have criticized you and praised themselves and their ‘own’ religion. After all, that’s how you market things, and who sells the best but the Jews? Did the Jew make a blunder by letting the world translate their Hebrew books?

The Bible books have always been under Jewish control, yet they released them to the world, but then the world has read only the bad part of the Bible about God’s chosen, then adopted all the promises and left the curses and calamities for the writers of the Bible. Does anyone think? Am I the only one able to talk like that?

However, if you take the New Testament you will find it spiked with prejudices against the Jew – Us Versus Them.

Yes, God had planned it all. It’s a high we should come not to the Jewish or the Christian side but God’s.

For God has shut up all in disobedience so that He may show mercy to all. (Romans 11:32)

This mystery must be spiritually grasped and worked out in our lives, rather than just be read.

As we see in the Book of Acts, Peter and the Jerusalem-based apostles were not willing to go to the ‘unclean’ gentiles. In Joppa and in Caesarea Peter was forced to reach them. As the Canaanites, the Gentiles were also called dogs. One might take an offense, getting ready to strike back. But we are not studying people, but God who chose a people for the rest of mankind. We can pick a bone with everyone, and every nation, and throw mud at each other.  But where would that lead us to, another human folly… another war?

Why do we want so much to be in control of our ‘own’ lives—as if we had brought ourselves to this world, and if we have the right to remove ourselves from it—is really beyond me? The only answer is this: the earth-attached self-identity has become too powerful.

Letting go off tradition, and of the set ways for the sake of God’s gracious-spacious free ways is hard, because we’ve not been trained in sacrificing. Yes, we give, but a living sacrifice is something still very strange to us. As a result we do not experience the mighty move of God’s Spirit. We wish it, but only wish it. An earnest desire and want, even lust, demands the sacrifice of flesh. Apostle Paul sacrificed himself for the success of the Gospel among gentiles and they partook of the God-released grace. The sacrifice of Jesus brought the Holy Spirit. The apostles’ sacrifice brought grace to the gentiles.

Today, nothing’s changed; we still must offer the flesh in order to make room for the Spirit.

The exchange of flesh for something glorious and spiritual is nothing else but buying, then possessing, what you have paid for. The Law of Moses was given first so that we might understand this process of exchange. One thing must be given up for another.

Different sacrifices release different blessings. The ultimate sacrifice on Calvary opened a brand new reality. The ritual religion lost its shine, and the living relationship, through the living sacrifice, was made available.

Jesus never taught us any dogmas. He always untied what others had tied. He released what others kept under control. He proclaimed liberty to prisoners, but the prisoners were not in prison because the Almighty had incarcerated them. Prisoners are made prisoners of man’s will. Once we make ourselves slaves to God’s will we experience true liberty and the fullness of His joy within us.

The earlier mentioned radioman, desirous to hear God’s voice, could not only have heard it, but know God’s thoughts through the study of His ways. Whatever occupies your life already bears a price tag, then come the valuations. Whatever carries more meaning becomes the predominant driving force in your life. As a result two people listening to the same message will get from the same message totally different things.

What are you attached to? What holds the highest value in your life? How far are you willing to go to get what you really want? These questions provide you with answers and not only answers, but also serve as doors to the other realm your spirit man longs for.

Spiritual alignment

Perhaps I came to realize the most important truth regarding our walk with God. There are days when we enjoy God’s presence and over all feel good; we feel loved and sense God’s grace upon our lives. Usually, such states come after being washed with God’s word and godly fellowship with brothers and sisters in faith. Fellowship alone is a fine thing, going to church is too, but the finest is the quality of His word. What do I mean by quality?

When the Word brings nothing new and does not challenge us then the Word is just a word; it is often repetitious. Yes, you have heard it all before, which can be compared to a horse, which has served you well for many years.

Whether this horse pulled a carriage, as in the earlier days, a plow, or you rode in its back; it is still the same, but an aging horse. You know the horse well. You are used to have all things the way you like, your house, pets, furniture, garden, and that horse… Your attachments grow stronger with time. Then comes a time when the house must be restored and that costs you money. Pets die and that horse has also gotten too old to pull anything. You have aged too, and melancholy becomes a more frequent visitor. Nostalgia causes us to frequently recall the good old days. The present reality, after the passage of time, induces melancholy; things have changed, and in our mind, for worse. “The good old days were better than the nowadays” – we say.

Remember also your Creator in the days of your youth, before the evil days come and the years draw near when you will say, “I have no delight in them” (Ecclesiastes 12:1)

Some messages are too old. Some doctrines have aged and are outdated. Only God remains constant because on His side time is nonexistent. Anything He deals with—in reference to earth—can change, because of the earth’s character. God changed His mind before, but that was with Noah, Hezekiah and with Amos: the flood, restoration of health and holding back His punishments. But God himself does not change. Only things suspended in time, therefore physical things, can change. God the Spirit remains unchangeable.

The preacher (Ecclesiastes) had gotten old and the time he spent on bodily pleasures stole the spiritual pleasures by replacing the loftier ideals with the lower ones. The low and fleshly preoccupations stole from Solomon the revelation of immortality. He sealed himself and with his words many others… those who choose his words as the absolute truth.

You will make known to me the path of life; in your presence is fullness of joy; in your right hand there are pleasures forever. (Psalms 16:11)

Those who want to live in nostalgia—like that old horse pulling the carriage of melancholy—can live, subsist and return to dust from which they came. You concentrate on dust therefore to it you shall return. If you concentrate on the Spirit, which is life, then most certainly you must live. Once someone proves these words true that someone experiences something of the private and secret dimension, which is no longer subject to outsiders’ interpretations.

“The wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it, but do not know where it comes from and where it is going; so is everyone who is born of the Spirit.” (John 3:8) Secret. Can you interpret someone else’s’ secret? You can insinuate whatever you will, but a secret remains secret.

Those who are born of the Spirit, become like Jesus after His resurrection. Although He appeared and disappeared like a ghost, His body was interchangeable. Thomas could touch Him and so were the rest of disciples. They ate bread and fish with Him, yet Jesus could come and go.

When we read in the book of Acts about Philip, the same instance is also recorded. Like Jesus, also Philip was snatched by the Spirit and instantly transported to another place. Scientifically, we may interpret it as a disintegration and reintegration of atoms. Just as comets are made of compressed gas, which upon entrance into earth’s atmosphere heats up, gets pulverized and then vaporized. The previously stored and compressed energy is then released in form of a bright light.

According to my logic, our bodies, which are composed of earthly elements, vivified by the spirit of life, therefore constantly moving, are indeed material. But just as physical matter can turn into gas, and gas can burn up without a trace; similarly can do our bodies.

Once our bodies enter the spiritual sphere, they change. Holy Spirit brings that sphere and with it He overpowers anything physical, making it interchangeable.

Because of the life force, which God had sent to this planet, we only use a fraction of its real capacity just as we use but a fraction of our brain’s capacities. More knowledge as it were enlarges ‘brain’s territory’ when neurons and electrons are forced to engage in the knowledge-processing activity. The nature of life is perpetual movement and no-movement means death.

There is no other interpretation of Jesus’ words in John 3:6, that what is born of flesh, or dust, is dust, and what is born of the Spirit is spiritual or living.

Two different realities run side by side. Why must one veer left and the other right? Like two horses pulling a chariot; one horse all of a sudden breaks away from the other by running on the ground while the other runs up into the heavenly realm.

As they were going along and talking, behold, there appeared a chariot of fire and horses of fire, which separated the two of them. And Elijah went up by a whirlwind to heaven. Elisha saw it and cried out, “My father, my father, the chariots of Israel and its horsemen!” And he saw Elijah no more. (2 Kings 2:11-12).

Elijah was taken alive and his disciple Elisha died. Similarly, Enoch walked with God individually and intimately while his son Methuselah perhaps only watched it from a distance. God loved Enoch and gave him much grace, which is the necessary space in which Enoch could grow and develop. It is impossible to have that space just for oneself and not for the entire household. Methuselah received much grace. He lived 969 years, but perhaps he tried to fill his father’s shoes not those of his own?

Numbers give us a message. Nine is the number of power. Six speaks of just the physical, and then another nine follows, from which we get the following message: Methuselah received power, which he used for just the flesh, and used up that power for just fleshly things. The flesh lived very long and then it had to return to dust because the power of God must be used to transform, or quicken, rather than just please it.

Methuselah missed one last message, which would have been 970, one year short of fulfillment. The power would have completed the work of the Spirit (9 – power, 7 – completion, 0 – Spirit). Since this message comes from the Bible, only in the Bible we find such messages for it has been preserved and given to the spiritual person, His Seed. Anything written outside the Bible can be interpreted as one wills, for such literature belongs to the masses, the Field.

The purpose of these examples is never to create guilt, but to inspire. Inspiration can only be individual, you will never be able to inspire an entire crowd all at the same time. Each individual will extract something for him or her they might need for just that specific period of time; just as each plant takes the rain moisture it needs; a big plant takes more and a small plant takes less.

Everyone must walk individually with the Lord not in a group. Why? Because on the Great Judgment Day we will answer for our own deeds, not for those of your neighbor or those you fellowshipped with in your church.

You may disagree with the vision of your church, pastor or the elders, or anyone in a leadership position, but you will not answer for them before God, nor will they answer for you. Just as shepherds of the sheep will not be judged for their mistakes in shepherdship or stewardship, regardless what you think or teach.

Ultimately all shepherds will be judged according to different standards. How they treated the sheep is the main part that interests God, for God looks at the heart and the fruits of His Spirit within us all. Were we treating the sheep with love, care and respect? Or were we just fleecing them, organizing or rallying them into our ‘own’ stalls? A good shepherd will be judged, just as anyone else, according to his or her individual character, which bears fruit, according to the measure of responsibility and therefore stewardship.

Organized religion became like a packaging factory, as if, everyone must contain the same thing and be packaged the same. What happens next? We use scripture to support these practices. We call it the power of unity… prayer of agreement, etc. We have spent most of the time teaching these truths, stretching them to maximum while we have neglected other truths. Yet each one of us will stand before the great white throne individually, and God will review each individual’s life. Don’t you thing that it is a high time to think about these truths?

Because we’ve been herded like sheep, looking at ourselves from above, we begin to behave, sound and even look the same. All traces of individuality and originality are being methodically erased. The emphasis put on corporal relations and the functions of the body of Christ shelve individual responsibility. Fear of being in error is the weapon often used. Carefully tailored array of tenets excludes anything else as false. As if everyone must square with the official doctrine of some establishment’s creed, and if you express any hunger and thirst for more you will be told that you are in error or follow a false teacher.

The entire approach seems faulty, for how can anyone err by having faith in God. It’s like telling the English subjects to confess only that which the queen had prescribed. And if they say something out of their heart will they be attacked and labeled as false? I do not think that the queen is so much out of touch with the ordinary human being she forgot that she is one.

The entire pomp and ritual is for the crowd, as if the crowd is some kind of a blob. People loose their individuality when they only think about masses, and traditional public displays. With this mindset people also approach God supposing that this is the way to go. Religious ceremonies instilled in us a belief that God needs it, or even demands it, and if someone does not do it the ‘right’ way, then that someone is in error. Worse, that someone will end up in hell.

Religion threw out reason and tarnished man’s individuality. Between God and man is only one mediator, even Christ, but watch Christ Himself. Did He practice ritual? Did He institute new rituals and solemn observances? We can convert His sayings into a ritual, if that’s what we want, but there will come a time when someone would want to know much more than just the ritual. Some individual will not be satisfied with the ignorant status quo. But will we take that individual’s thirst and hunger into account? God, most certainly will, but man? … Hardly. We can assume that someone’s kingdom is falling… Someone’s control over your independent mind is slipping away… and that someone can’t afford it. For this, that someone will be judged on the last great judgment day.

Religion became stagnant therefore dying, but the hunger to know God is only gathering steam and the new generation will break away with the old; for such is life’s nature.

The last religious generation will depart into that peaceful bliss, awaiting the new life beyond the grave, and the new generation will inherit what? … The horse is dead. No matter how much you beat it, he won’t get up and pull your wagon. We must get a fresh horse to pull the new wagon.

“But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, because you shut off the kingdom of heaven from people; for you do not enter in yourselves, nor do you allow those who are entering to go in. (Matthew 23:13)

I often come in contact with fearful people, who have tasted some of the living water, but can’t fit it into their old—now their own through adoption—ways of thinking. That fear of embracing something new prevents them from taking the responsibility for any personal experience.

Each must individually experience the reality of the proclaimed word. I can only point people in the direction of the heavenly truth, and in this pointing I do my best. What I have received, I must give; even I’m responsible to give it for this is my anointing. What are you anointed for?

“He who is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much; and he who is unrighteous in a very little thing is unrighteous also in much, therefore if you have not been faithful in the use of unrighteous wealth, who will entrust the true riches to you? And if you have not been faithful in the use of that which is another’s, who will give you that which is your own?” (Luke 16: 10-12)

There comes a time when we do not sense the presence of God and we long for it. Sometimes we get up from bed tired and our body does not tell us anything positive; either we succumb to its message or seek to replace it with another.  Something similar has happened to me today.

I did not get up too happy, my feelings seemed to be a bundle of signals. Since I am spiritually connected with those I minister to, I feel their anxieties, aches and pains, their wishes and longings. Instantly, my spirit man turns toward the Lord asking Him “what’s going on?” I went to the bathroom and washed my face and there He spoke, “sometimes you, all on your own, must realign with Me. There are times when I bless you and touch you, but I also want you to touch Me, all by yourself, and align your mind, soul and spirit with Mine.”

Wow, so simple yet so potent!

We have everything we need already. It is like a heavenly pill packed with everything we need, wish for or desire. In that pill there is the legal tender of Jesus’ sacrifice on Calvary, redemption, free access to God the Father and the fellowship with the Breath of Life the Holy Spirit. In that pill one finds understanding, knowledge and wisdom, and the power to fulfill it all. Everything is paid for and the gate is wide open. The only thing remaining is our willing and purposeful alignment with Him.

Because there are times of uncleanness, both men and women go through those periods of time when we touch the unclean and become unclean for a short time; those are the times when we align ourselves with Him.

You might say, that it is Judaism. Well, may be… But did God do away with something that has remained on earth and keeps soiling our earthly garments – our bodies? We do shower and bathe. We wash our clothes. Our bodies go through periods of weaknesses only to be strengthened by those periods and the revived. But if we dwell too long on the negative feelings and do not align ourselves with His truth, we will fall into nostalgia and melancholy. If we play with the self-pity-driven melancholy for too long depression will be the next unwelcome guest.

When depression sets in it will rearrange the ‘furniture’ in your psychological house, mind, soul and then your body will react accordingly.

Since our temples are composed of insurmountable amounts of atoms, vessels and nerves, any signal sent through this network of nerves causes physical disturbance; nerves trigger reactions in the cardiovascular system and disturb its rhythm. Blood vessels and electrolytes respond to brain’s signals. The brain behaves according to the absorbed knowledge, positive or negative. In other words, whatever we feed the brain with, the brain will distribute. If we feed it with nostalgia, melancholy and depression then imagine what the rest of your body will experience. But if you feed it with joy, faithfulness of your Maker, His promises, His love and care for you… wow! Do you feel it?

That’s how we align ourselves with Him, all by ourselves without any help. Yes, all by yourself. This is your own sacrifice of flesh, which He accepts; and that is how you grow.

If someone has taught you to do nothing for God from yourself, but to sort of wait on Him to do everything for you, or through you alone, then you must change your doctrine.  It may sound very nice and sweet, even holy, but it is misleading and totally wrong.

If you still hold on to that old doctrine then you show God your own importance, in which humility does not reside, and if there’s no humility there is no room for something greater than the self. God is not our servant we are His. He has created, and ALREADY equipped us with everything we need, and then He says, “Choose!”

“I call heaven and earth to witness against you today, that I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. So choose life in order that you may live, you and your descendants. (Deuteronomy 30:12)

But we say that we must wait for His grace. We must wait (for something mysterious out there beyond… still on the way) we must hold in to our faith, etc. People have been holding on to self-made up promises. I remember a man in Tennessee, a millionaire, who told me that God told them that in his wife will bear a son like Sarah did in her old age. Well the woman was only getting older and older, and the stuck in pride ‘faith’ produced nothing. The woman finally died and the wasted time could never be recovered, because man does not embrace God’s wisdom, which causes us to realign with His infinite ways. We see fragments. He sees it all. If you hold on to just a fragment the how can you see what He sees? It takes humility on our part to bend to His will as He reveals it to us in His own sovereign time and way.

“For this commandment which I command you today is not too difficult for you, nor is it out of reach. 12“It is not in heaven, that you should say, ‘Who will go up to heaven for us to get it for us and make us hear it, that we may observe it?’ “Nor is it beyond the sea, that you should say, ‘Who will cross the sea for us to get it for us and make us hear it, that we may observe it?’ “But the word is very near you, in your mouth and in your heart, that you may observe it. (Deuteronomy 30:11-13)

This far-fetched state of mind gets us into lots of trouble, but why we function in that state in the first place? The answer is simple again, self-orientation which produces pride, which then blocks us from being present-minded. From time to time we must realize it and deal with it. My own realignment has to do with the humbling of self. I submit myself to Him and I bent my stubborn ways to His gracious ways

We’ve been taught that the only thing that touches God is our faith. Not true! As I just explained above, when we do not feel good or are in some sort of uncleanness, faith will not operate in us. Faith resides next to joy, by which it is perfected. Faith is a gift, which will never reside next to sadness or melancholy.

I am not so important as to say that God should do everything for me or through me and I just passively let Him. It sounds so puffed up and self-righteous. If someone had taught it and you bought it, then know for certain that it is an outdated doctrine with which we must part with today. But, are you willing to part with it?

Why would God tall us to arise, to wake up, to gird up our loins and be a man? Why would He bring us to Jordan and then tell us to walk around Jericho, blow the trumpets, shout and run, and then possess the city; fight with Amalek and actually posses Canaan and redeem it back to God?

God made the earth and EVERYTHING IN IT. All of our needs are already met in what He had made. Regarding to the body, we have vitamins and minerals from the earth, but it is us who must bring them out. Then we must study the needs of our bodies and see how much of the vitamins and minerals we need each day. When it comes to money we must also reevaluate our need and plans and budget. The earth has gold too, its produce, which we can sell. Sheep give us wool and skin. Forests produce trees, which we use to build shelters for our bodies.  All we need is to cut and plant trees… yet, do something, and this we do all by ourselves. We employ our mind in everything; we study the earth with its contents. But all of a sudden, when it comes to God, we rest. We say that we rest in Him. … Very interesting. But then we say that we serve Him. How do we serve Him, by resting in Him?

Something must change; the tricky mind of ours plays a joke on us. This mind must be purged and renewed and these words are being sent your way to do just that.

Today I have realigned myself with Him, my spirit man with His Spirit. My body must feel what the boss inside dictates and the boss is the Holy Spirit; I make Him the boss, master and lord of my life. I do that because in me resides the original capacity of rulership, which He had deposited when He made man. It is my free independent agency of will, which purposefully transfers over to Him the reigns.

“Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” – We say in the Lord’s Prayer. This does not sound like this: “I just wait for your kingdom to come and for your will to be done in my life… if that is really your will…” etc.

Holy Spirit will never violate your will. He will never take over without your permission. This permission and subordination is your own work for Him and unto Him. This is the walk of Enoch. How do I know it?

The same Spirit that Enoch made to be his boss, I have made to be my boss. So the Holy Boss tells me things from 5000 years, from yesterday and from tomorrow for in Him time does not exist. The physical man is subject to time, but never the spiritual.

Laws of relativity

To understand time one must first understand the spiritual realm, which is timeless or constant. Spirit cannot be defined, or encapsulated into something suspended in time. Above it all is the Spirit. God is Spirit and he is not like anything else. We are like Him. He cannot be related to anything else but Himself. And we must relate to Him if we want to blend and become one with Him. We are not the offshoots of many trees, but just of one core tree – God. We came from the One, and we return to the One. Our consciousness changes as we ponder on this reality of God who is one and timeless.

The spiritual can define the physical, but not the other way around. To the utter frustration of the scientist the Constant One God remains. If we were able to measure Him with our instruments He would cease to be God.

Man tries to find the primordial god-molecule, the original substance from which the ‘Big Bang’ theory can be further spawned. All developed nations have already invested trillions just to confirm this theory. In the name of man’s search for knowledge enormous machines are being build with which we try to comprehend the energy of life, magnetic forces, and anything moving. It’s good for creating jobs and make people busy, we pay the taxes so that others can take a trip into space on the wings of the “Big Bang’ theory, what a life…

Can philosophers crack the uncrackable? Can religion give as an intelligent insight? Can anyone tell us what God is like? The answer is pure of any contaminants, and extremely simple. God cannot be defined, but He can be experienced.

Why man wants to understand and know rather than experience and then know, according to the experience? The answer is again very simple. Man is a reward-driven creature. Like an acrobat dog we can do all sorts of feats of the seemingly impossible, just to get the reward and have a high standing in the society. We would do almost anything for applause, money and fame. After all, these are the magnetic energies, which have magnetized our selves with. Some of the gravitational attractions seem too powerful to be able to resist them, but is every one thusly magnetized and gravitates?

Only physical objects possess magnetism, therefore the physical will be drawn here and there, and whichever tow is stronger one will drift towards it.

The power of knowledge is immense. Once you understand the three categories of people, as field, tares and seed, you will also understand why people behave the way they do; and why it is so hard to stay neutral; and steadfastly hold on to one’s convictions.

The power of cognizance comes to us from no other sphere but the timeless one. Without the spiritual realm of the One, and timelessness, understanding would have no place on earth. Why? Again, as before the answer is pure and uncontaminated. Understanding transcends time. One bit of knowledge spawns the urge to understand another side of that knowledge, but that’s not enough. The comprehended knowledge causes man to produce instruments that would help him to study some more. Those instruments represent wisdom. Therefore, based upon that wisdom itself, with the powers of cognizance, we acquire more knowledge. Bu there is one problem. We acquire knowledge for just the knowledge’s sake and a vanity-driven urge to just know, which results in the same: vanity or nothing.

Does man waste time? Yes and no. God has time. He watches the slow development of His species, and He laughs at the sheer stupidity, for He had dropped us into a realm of immense knowledge, but we have developed only the materialistic instincts, which drive us to the fleshly gain gratification. In whatever form that gain might be, it is often in threes: social standing, money or fame.

Only few receive something heavenly, detached from just the material perceptions and gravitational pulls. One of those was Enoch, but those deeply engrossed, in just the physical magnetism, don’t even bother to study if that is actually achievable, let alone believe that Enoch had ever existed. Once you get negatively magnetized, the reverse seems impossible; it would take time and much effort to change the negative polarity into positive.  But even the positive polarity would not solve the problem, simply because it is still earthly.

Heavenly ‘polarity’ is no polarity at all, IT IS.

The spiritual realm encompasses all realms for the Spirit brought all physical things into being, while the Spirit and His realm remains the same or constant.  So how can one measure that realm with plus and minus, light and darkness or hot and cold perceptions? Again, one must experience God. But how can one experience Him?

A question of trust comes to fore. You might ask me if I can make you experience Him. Yes I can, just as I do experience Him. But before you can experience Him in truth, you must be washed with His truth. As long as you brood in dualism your chances are very slim. If you take your chances and thoroughly study what I say, without your ego ever getting in the way, then when the washing process is complete you will experience God. One cannot experience God having own preconceived ideas about Him, just as one cannot put Jesus on the spot asking Him to show you a sign, because you are spiritually blind and do not want to pay the price of seeing. Telling God to show Himself is like telling the Queen of England to prove to you that she is indeed a queen. “Who do you think you are?” – the queen might say. The chips on our shoulders have grown indeed too big and too heavy, yet wisdom cries out.

“Whoever then humbles himself as this child, he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 18:4)

Being racked with society’s gravitational pulls is not easy; it is like being stuck in a quagmire.  Does anyone want to be pulled out of it? If you said ‘yes’ then the next section will escort you on the way to meet God, hear His voice, follow His intelligence and have Him for a friend.


3 thoughts on “Immortality Quest

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  2. Tommy Nance on said:


    I would like to copy this and send it in an email to some of my friends. Will this be OK?


  3. Rebellion is always ours, which by realizing and admitting it we would have come closer to the point of true repentance, which our Father is still waiting for.
    If we had only looked and studied ourselves with greater scrutiny, we would discover the true makings of the divine nature in us, but instead we went out on the limb and seduced ourselves with the fantastic.
    Because of the fantastic, folkloric, mythological and far-fetched interests we have squandered the most precious time; and not only that, but tried to find the enemy elsewhere, but not down here on earth. This frame of mind confuses many.
    The self-identity is only common to earthlings, the heavenly identities, which the angels actually have, are the Father’s. (Even Satan, acting as God’s prosecutor in His court, is totally subordinated to the Almighty God).
    Just as Jesus had the spiritual Father-identity; He was completely yielded to the Father’s will. This also may await some of us, if we are willing to get out from the overbearingly strong self-identity (fleshly) and the sensational frame of mind, for then we would not be fooled by the deceivers. Sensationalism is the tool used by many deceivers today, without it they have nothing. However, anyone in that frame of mind gets seduced by the same, only to discover it later on and lick one’s wounds. The constant bombardment – that behind our actions is the enemy the mystical and unexplained therefore sensational – keeps perpetuating the game of religious deception.
    A self-detached person looks down, from bird’s view, and sees the reality below.
    The ‘I’ is not the body a wear, but the total ‘I’ which at the end we will find out that it was always Him, forever.
    A spiritual person, quite naturally, has the spirit of discernment; for an evil spirit does not need to discern a good spirit for the good spirit is not out to harm you, therefore it must be the other way around. A good person (spiritually grafted in God the Spirit, or having the heavenly identity, which actually is the new way of thinking) will automatically detect an evil person, or someone who is up to something mischievous. Where the Holy Spirit is, there are the 9 gifts also, and one of them is discernment.

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