Quest for immortality

Out of the dark side came forth light

About Joseph Luxum

Joseph Luxum, born 1955 in Poland, educated at Warsaw’s ‘Chopin’ school of music. He produced several classical scores for choir and orchestra, opera and many songs. He traveled with his music band, and was involved in the underground evangelism, printing and distributing materials, which were branded as ‘illegal’. He was also involved in the Bible smuggling operations throughout the entire eastern block.


After WW II, a series of circumstances prevented Joseph’s family from immigrating to the US. Most of their close friends left Poland and in 1968 the family, already with US immigrant visas in hand, was about to move to the US, but again they were mysteriously held back. Joseph’s dream was not only to see America and the world, but especially the land of the Bible. Joseph’s mother, inspired by the Holy Spirit, promised God that if He would give her another son she would release him into God’s service; she kept her promise and did not interfere with the spiritual development of her son and already at 12 Joseph had begun to minister. First he was singing and reciting poetry then he started to play piano and guitar.

Evangelistic healing ministry

At 14 he had a special experience with God, which ushered him into the evangelistic healing ministry and ever since he’s been instrumental in the establishment of many churches and revival centers in several nations. Joseph Luxum’s evangelistic meetings attracted hundreds of young people everywhere; wherever he went there were new births and instantaneous miracles. He avidly studied the Bible and what he had learned he taught others. He rode his bicycle through towns and villages preaching the Good News and those that heeded the call he visited and taught them the laws of God’s kingdom.


In 1979 Joseph escaped from the compulsory service in the communist army and went to America. Bible Smuggler Luxum has resided in Jerusalem for more than 15 years where he studied Judaism and early Christianity and from there he launched his ministry trips to Africa. He was also involved in the ‘prisoners of conscience’ movement for the release of Soviet dissidents, he smuggled helps to the ‘refusniks’ like Andrei Sakharov, Nathan Sharansky, Vladimir Slepak and Ida Nudel. Before one of his Bible smuggling trips to Russia Joseph had a dream in which he was warned that his arrest was imminent. But when he awakened and collected himself he asked the Lord about the the dream and his planned trip. To his surprise the word was ‘go’, but it also contained a promise of supernatural deliverance. Being encouraged through Psalms 46, and 23, where king David declared that the Lord is found in time of trouble and in the valley of the shadow of death, Joseph decided to put his trust in God and prove Him real and embarked on a very dangerous journey, straight into the ‘lion’s mouth’. The rest is an amazing tale of his escape.

Supernatural Deliverance

Against all odds and human reason he followed the Lord’s instructions; preached the Gospel and was supernaturally delivered from the impending exile to Siberia. Since that awesome day he has dedicated much of his time to Europe where he’s reached thousands for Christ (Poland, Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria). He has ministered in 50 States of the US, Latin and South Americas, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.


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